I'm a Christian, a certified AWS Cloud Solutions Architect,
a Full-stack Web Engineer specializing in Laravel , and the Creator of over 10+ SaaS products.

I'm a Technical Account Manager at Google with resposibilities focused on Cloud Strategy and Consultancy, Implementation Management and Advocacy and Thought leadership. Previously, I worked at Manhattan Associates and TSYS as a conslutant delivering solutions to the world’s biggest brands.

I have spent the last 5 years hacking on my personal projects as the founder of Rugged I/O.

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"When something is important to you, you do it.
Even if the odds are against you"
Elon Musk

I'm a certified AWS Cloud Solutions Architect with a current focus on Infrastructure automation with Terraform.io across AWS and Google Cloud.

I have spent the last 5 years building the Rugged I/O products, a playground to freely try out different ideas and drag myself outside of my comfort zone. As a sole founder of the company, I do everything - from product ideation,coding, market research, design, implementation, marketing, to customer support and everything in between.

I enjoy the beautiful orchestration of design, coding, cloud, art, and business agility to bring about transformations across teams, business and technology that results in a symphony of visionary outcomes.

While i'm not working, I enjoy paddle-boarding, Kayaking, Swimming, Coffee shop hangouts & becoming fluent in French

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I write full technical work related to Cloud, App Development and Ops technology on Medium.

Terraform: Creating multiple S3 buckets with a single resource

Leveraging AI as a Service for Image Filters with Laravel

A business and technical introduction to Terraform.io

Here's what i've built

Rugged I/O Product Family

Productivity Hacks

RuggedProjects is a project management tool built to make your work fun and productive. learn more

RuggedTasks is a task management service built to bring out your ideas, manage tasks, chat, and enhance collaboration in a vibrant and productive way. learn more

Social Networks

RuggedSocial is an online community built on conservative values. learn more

RuggedLingo is a social network for polyglots to discover, interract and meet other language lovers, meetup, discuss, and build new relationships. learn more

RuggedCaffeine is a social network for coffee lovers to meet, explore the pleasures of coffee, and build new relationships. learn more

RuggedReformers is a social network inspired by the 16th Century reformation for people who love the works of the early Church fathers, the Reformers and late century writers. learn more


Front end

Our beautifully-designed UI Framework come with hundreds of customizable features. Simplicity is at the heart of our design using HTML5, Jquery, CSS3, Ajax, Pusher & CloudFront


All Rugged I/O products are built with Laravel, a PHP Web application framework with expressive, elegant and beautiful integration with MySQL, AWS S3, SQS, Zero-downtime deployments, redis, mail, notifications and tones of features.


Our entire technology is hosted and run on both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud (GCP) leveraging beautiful solutions around Networking, VMs,load balancer setup, SQL Databases, monitoring and billing alerts management.

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I share snippets of technical work related to Cloud, App Development and Ops technology on Instagram. I love the technical community on Instagram and would love to share my content with more people. 😊

Coming soon

RuggedSaaS is the perfect start for your next great idea. We design, build, deploy and manage your product leveraging the same building blocks that our own products are built on learn more

RuggedOps is a 1-click Cloud infrastructure provisioning, deployments and management, for Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform built ontop of Terraform IaC technology. learn more

RuggedCloud is the Next Level in Cloud-Dev-Ops Learning. Go beyond certifications with real-life production-ready workflows with real production-like application development and DevOps workflows. learn more

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