Hello there, I'm Paul.

I'm a Christian, a certified AWS Cloud Solutions Architect, and an insatiable learner with a passion for Cloud technologies.
I am currently a Senior Cloud Consultant at Manhattan Associates and i'm deeply passionate about Cloud technology with a current focus on Infrastructure automation with Terraform.io across AWS, Google Cloud and Azure.
I enjoy the beautiful orchestration of Cloud, art, and business agility to bring about transformations across teams, business and technology that results in a symphony of visionary outcomes. My ultimate goal is the application of Alexa Voice for effortless automation and business continuity.
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Here's some SaaS applications i've built.



A project management application for people and businesses to collaborate and build great products on a platform that inspires productivity.
Open Imagination


A task management service built to bring out your ideas, manage tasks, chat, and enhance collaboration in a vibrant and productive way.
Open Imagination


A subscription-based social network with no ads

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