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I'm a technology futurist with a reasonable caffeine addiction appreciation with the goal to leverage what seems impossible and distant capabilities, to make it a reality and push the boundaries of our imagination in realizing what is possible within the technology field, with AI at its foundation.

I'm 32, I was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya 🇰🇪and immigrated to the United States 🇺🇸 in 2009, when is was 19. I enjoy coffee shops and making coffee (@coffeewithpauly on instagram), reading, Space, paddleboarding, swimming & becoming fluent in French. I love trying new things out, especially restaurants in and out of Atlanta and can easily recommend coffee shops within a 200 mile radius of me. Learning and self-growth are a regular routine of my daily life and I'm hoping to do that until I'm alive.

Kenya is famous for the safaris and world class runners. What I valued the most growing up was the society we were a part of where everyone cared about each other. Growing up in Kenya, the education system in Kenya was rigorous with 11-hour school days beginning in 3rd grade till 12th grade. Our school year consisted of 3 months of school, with a 1 month break, following the regular year cycle. During the 1 month “break”, we still had break classes for about 10 hours a week. Looking back, I can genuinely say that I received a world class education and would not have traded that experience for anything else. It produced resilience, determination, hope and the desire to better myself in every aspect of my life.

I graduated from Kennesaw State in 2014, then became a United States citizen in 2018. I’ve lived in Georgia for about 13 years now. America's history is a story of overcoming! My life story here has been one of overcoming and rising above the expectation of circumstances and growing in my understanding of individual freedom and rights. I am grateful for this country, its constitution and laws and the opportunities I've had and for the people who have helped me get here.

I began my professional journey in the technology field in 2014, letting my curiosity run wild across the fields of web programming, app development and eventually Cloud technologies. In my experience, the technology industry represents the most rewarding fields of work that exist within the professional world. I am grateful that hard work, moonshot bets, imagination and creativity can produce explosive opportunities and rewards for those that go after them. My motivation is to leverage, create and adopt the most influential capabilities to make life better, stimulate and inspire a better future. I believe that AI has one of the greatest influences on every spectrum of human societies.

Before joining Google, outside of my regular work, I consolidated my passion for technology by building Rugged I/O, an entrepreneurial playground to freely try out different ideas and drag myself outside of my comfort zone. As a sole founder of the company, I do everything - from product ideation,coding, market research, design, implementation, to customer support and everything in between.

Elon Musk is one of the greatest inspirations in my life. His life story captures many things that I deeply resonate and relate with. My favorite quote by Elon is: “When something is important enough, you do it, even if the odds are not in your favor.” Beginning in South Africa, his immigrant journey to the West, then working in the technology field, then planning for Space and Beyond. His desire, and resilience to do the difficult things and make them a reality is something that I deeply admire beyond what I'm able to put into words and I'm hoping for a similar journey of success in my life.

I am organized, goal oriented, relentlessly focused and consistent with a passion for innovation, learning and ability to plan and break down big goals into small milestones that are achievable within a defined timeline. I’m very optimistic, having a positive mindset and emotional maturity to handle setbacks and a relentless focus and a high-value for continuous learning combined with a solid work ethic.

My ultimate goal at Google is to build, deploy, lead, teach, gain mastery and influence people in the field of Artificial Intelligence and its application across teams and businesses to bring about transformations with visionary outcomes.

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